Nikolai Baturin, an award-winning novelist and playwright, was born in Estonia in 1936. After attending a high school, an agricultural college and a marine college, he did a five-year service in the navy. For six years he participated in various geological expeditions. As a professional trapper he spent fifteen years in the Siberian taiga. Besides fiction he has written drama, poetry, screenplays and essays. He has illustrated his own books and produced his own plays. His works have been translated into Russian, Ukrainian and Lithuanian languages. He became a member of the Estonian Writers' Association in 1973.


Bibliography with print circulation in the brackets:

Collections of poetry:
Blue Reign, 1990 (4000).
The Silence of the Pole. The Pole of Silence, 1980 (3000).
The Gallery, 1977 (4000)
The Flight of the Stork, 1975 (5000).
From the Squares and from the Fields, 1972 (4000).
The Lyrefish, 1972 (4000).
Underground Lakes, 1968 (12,000).

Novels, short stories and prose poems:
The Centaur, 2003
Apocalypse Anno Domini, 1997 (1000)
Caught in a Vicious Circle, 1996 (2000).
Timid Nikas, the Comber of Lions' Manes, 1993 (10,000).
A Murder at the Lighthouse, 1993 (16,000)
The Heart of the Bear”,1989 (16,000).
Early Ice, 1985 (25,000).
Forests Spreading Far and Wide:a prose poem, 1981 (5000)
Somersaults (prose poem, short story, drama), 1980 (8000)
Echo Finds, 1977 (28,000).
King of the King's Cabin, 1976 (28,000).
The Oasis, 1973 (23,000).
At an Early Late Hour: a prose poem 1973 (20,000).

Timid Nikas, the Comber of Lions' Manes, 1999.
A Murder at the Lighthouse, 1994.
The Heart of the Bear (in seven instalments), 1993.
Summer Snowstorms, 1992.

A Ghost in the Cupboard, 1993 (5000).
The Diamond Path, 1986 (5000)
A Dwarf on the Cothurns